Doozla 1.1.2

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Plasq makes it easy and fun to learn how to draw in a beautiful, full screen interface. View full description


  • Distraction free
  • Smooth and beautiful
  • 4 ways to draw
  • Fun sound effects


  • Only in full screen


Plasq makes it easy and fun to learn how to draw in a beautiful, full screen interface.

Paintbrush for Mac is generally considered the standard paint application for Mac, yet it might just have found a more than valid heir. Doozla offers you all the tools to draw up sketches and color up drawings, this in a beautiful, full screen interface.

You get four choices to work with: an image, an iSight photo snap, a color-in image or a blank page. If you choose a color-in image you'll have a nice selection of funny and original characters created by Plasq to choose from, like Bugsy the Beagle or Chester the Cat. Working with iSight is also very easy and fun. Take your picture and start coloring.

Using the brushes and pencils and applying colors is a real pleasure and vector drawing really makes a difference. Also, having the full screen view really enhances the quality of the experience, even though it would have been nice to also have the choice of a windowed interface. You'll also note that Doozla has some fun little sound effects to accompany your movements and actions. You can easily switch them off if you don't want them.

In all, even though Doozla is the perfect application to teach your kids how to draw it's so intuitive that it's also really fun to use for adults. I, for one, really enjoyed playing around with it. Definitely recommended.


  • Ability to toggle between Fullscreen and Window mode
  • Added 34 new Coloring-in templates
  • Added 9 new colorful backgrounds
  • The 'Eraser' now has a jumbo setting - the largest notch on the slider
  • Can now Open previously saved Doozla files from the home screen
  • 'Clear' no longer clears the 'Background' or 'Coloring in' template - it 'clears' the artwork on top
  • Now only a single click is required to open 'Coloring in' templates or 'Draw on Background' backgrounds
  • Green bars added to maintain aspect ratios when resizing window
  • Enhanced Color Bucket for improved accuracy
  • Cursor icon now has new graphic
  • Printing orientation now matches the screen orientation
  • Added system typical keystrokes for dialogs
  • Full screen now works on dual screen monitors
  • Supported files can now be dragged into Doozla
  • When selecting color buttons, added selection feedback on mouse down
  • Disabled 'typing' during camera snapping
  • If saving of files on remote servers fails, a warning is presented
  • Improved notification when camera is not available for webcam snap
  • In Control Panel, the Password dialogue now gives visual confirmation that 'Password' and 'Password Again' match
  • Included artwork now copied to /Library/Application Support/Doozla/; saving drive space and ensuring artwork is visible to all users on a network

Doozla is the easy-to-use drawing application for children - it is what your kids have always wanted! Doozla's four drawing options provide a guided start - whether that be an image, an iSight photo snap, a color-in image, or a blank page.

Doozla includes a stack of fun artwork designed for coloring in and coloring over. Color-in art with some historical and fun images really are cool to color in. Sophisticated backgrounds, fun and funky characters and objects entice students and young kids to color and add their own ideas.

Doozla uses curves to draw, not pixels - this means each twist and turn of your mouse makes beautiful smooth lines on your screen and printed page.


  • Super easy to use interface
  • Imagination inspiring worksheets
  • iSight support – snap and draw on yourself!
  • Fullscreen, zero-distraction view
  • Vector drawing for smooth output
  • Tablet support



Doozla 1.1.2